An American Expat Onsen Addict in Japan

Every week, I like to repost someone else’s blog that is particularly interesting and focused on hot springs.  This week, I found this blog written by Greg Goodmacher, an American expat living in Japan.  His blog is about the cultural experiences of life in Japan seen through the eyes of a “hot springs addict”.  There are over 27,000 onsen in Japan, so he’s in the right place to be an addict!

Greg’s most recent post is called “Amazing Snowshoe Trip and Japanese Onsen” and is about snowshoe & hot springs.  It is similar to my own experience in the Gatineau Park & Spa Le Nordik here in Canada, that I wrote about in “Snowshoe & soak”.  The big difference is that he got to visit this cool ice cave near Hokkaido!

Ice Cave in Japan, by Greg Goodmacher

Ice Cave in Japan, by Greg Goodmacher

Follow Greg’s blog and give him a big shout out for sharing his experiences as a Hot Springs Aficionado living in Japan!

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