Anne-Renée is a Hot Springs Aficionado!

My name is Anne-Renée and I joined this blog in February 2015. Lee approached me as we share the same love for well-being and relaxation. I am a former fitness competitor turned yogi on a quest to spiritual enlightenment through yoga, meditation practice and nature exploration. I have developed a curiosity and appreciation for spas, wellness retreats and hot springs. My goal is to discover and share my experiences and adventures through this blog.

I am a Hot Springs Aficionado.  Join me!

I am a Hot Springs Aficionado. Join me!

I am a public servant, working for the Government of Canada since 2006 and have been teaching yoga to my work colleagues on our lunch time for the past two years. This has allowed me to consolidate my professional career with a physical & mental health. For the past two years, I have noticed the benefits of yoga and meditation practice to address the high stress levels related to my professional career. I now have a great following and would like to extend this passion for well-being through sharing information on the benefits of spas, well-being retreats and hot springs.

As a highly sensitive person, I am well aware that stressful triggers can damage one’s health, by creating anxiety and eventually deteriorating one’s quality of living. Therefore my pursuit of finding healthy methods to ease tension comes naturally and is important to me. I believe there is a link between happiness and how we take care of our bodies mind and soul. The basics of achieving happiness are doing (a lot) what you love, by living in the present moment and by practicing gratitude.

My role is to inspire, motivate, bring positive thoughts, discover passions, guide you to be introspective, help you live in the present moment while laughing at this rollercoaster called life!  Let’s go hot tubbing’!!

Soaking in South East Asia

from Soaking in Southeast Asia

from Soaking in Southeast Asia

Every week I try to re-blog someone else’s post on hot springs.  This week, I found four absolutely stunning sites by blogger J.H. Dubbeldam, who runs

Soaking in Southeast Asia,

Soaking in Siam,

Hot Soaks of the Himalayas and

the European Natural Soaking Society. 

His primary focus is natural hot springs – though he does include some developed springs and spas.  His blog posts are very thorough and in depth studies of what is going on in the world of natural soaking.  The layout and photographs are beautiful!  This is the place you want to be if you are looking for hot springs in Asia or for natural hot springs in Europe!  Check out his blogs right now and bookmark them for later!


from Soaking in Southeast Asia

from Soaking in Southeast Asia