T or C, New Mexico

Every week, I like to repost something I found that is a particularly interesting view of Hot Springs.  This week, I am posting a few great blogs and video about the town of Truth or Consequences in New Mexico.

The town was originally named Hot Springs, NM, but changed its name in 1950 when the game show Truth or Consequences offered to host the show from the first town to change its name – on April 1st!  For the next 50 years, the radio and TV shows were hosted from T or C during the first week of May every year.

Map of the Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences, NM

Map of the Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences, NM

There were over 40 hot springs resorts in town before WWII and while there are only about 10 active hot springs spas today there is also a renewed interest in the town.  In February 2015, Spaceport America announced that its visitor center will be located in the historic district of Truth or Consequences, NM.  If you want to know more about what’s going on in T or C, click here for the link to Sierra County information.

On Sierra County’s site, there is a regimen for 21 soaks in 21 days – click here to find out more from someone who’s done it!

Riverbend Hot Springs, from Living the Dream  Deferred blog

Riverbend Hot Springs, from Living the Dream Deferred blog

There are a lot of great blog posts on Truth or Consequences, including:

this one from the Blog of Funny Names,

this one from the Gentle Art of Wandering and

this one from Living the Dream Deferred.


But so far the best review I have found is this great video on Truth or Consequences from New Mexico True Tourism.  It’s enough to put Truth or Consequences on my bucket list of hot springs to visit.  Take a look and see if it’s a town you’d like to visit.

Anne-Renée is a Hot Springs Aficionado!

My name is Anne-Renée and I joined this blog in February 2015. Lee approached me as we share the same love for well-being and relaxation. I am a former fitness competitor turned yogi on a quest to spiritual enlightenment through yoga, meditation practice and nature exploration. I have developed a curiosity and appreciation for spas, wellness retreats and hot springs. My goal is to discover and share my experiences and adventures through this blog.

I am a Hot Springs Aficionado.  Join me!

I am a Hot Springs Aficionado. Join me!

I am a public servant, working for the Government of Canada since 2006 and have been teaching yoga to my work colleagues on our lunch time for the past two years. This has allowed me to consolidate my professional career with a physical & mental health. For the past two years, I have noticed the benefits of yoga and meditation practice to address the high stress levels related to my professional career. I now have a great following and would like to extend this passion for well-being through sharing information on the benefits of spas, well-being retreats and hot springs.

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