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There are hundreds of thousands, or maybe even millions, of hot springs around the world.  There are so many that no one person can visit them all. We hope that this page will become a central location where all the soak seekers and hot springs aficionados of the world can share their experiences, their favorite spots, their ideas.  Please bear with us while we build the page, and help us if you can!

As a start, here are some of my favorite resources for Hot Springs Aficionados:

  1. Hot Springs Guy in the Northwestern USA has a great resource page:
  2. Ihotspring: A blog by someone who has been to more hot springs than I have!
  3. sometimes this page seems hijacked, sometimes it’s okay:
  4. Stations thermales de France (a list of all developed hot springs in France)

If you’d like to write a review, post some pictures or share your favorite hot springs experiences, let me know and we will set you up as a contributor to this blog. Our goal here is to share as many pleasant thoughts and experiences as we can – we welcome any ideas or suggestions. You can leave a comment in the section below, or contact us by e-mail at

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