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Ah, Hot Springs. Sit, relax, sink into it. Let the warm waters enfold you, breathe in the pure mountain air, enjoy the view. We have all day here to enjoy these warm springs, to decompress and to focus on nothing but pure pleasure.

Welcome to Hot Springs Aficionado, a blog that celebrates hot springs and spas in all their many glories. From the truly natural setting of Buckeye Springs to the circus like atmosphere of Ooedo Onsen Monogatari, we will share the adventures and pleasures of discovering those sacred places where water and earth connect to produce a magical mix of minerals and temperatures that will soothe any human beast.

My name is Lee, and I will be your hostess for this adventure. I have loved hot springs ever since my first experience at Caracalla Therme, and I have actively visited hot springs any time I travel ever since. But there is still so much to see, explore and experience! I love packing a picnic for an afternoon in secluded and undeveloped spring pools. I enjoy the overload of sensory experiences at major hot springs resort such as Valkenburg’s Thermae 2000.   I want to share all these experiences with you, my readers, so that you can find your own hot springs experiences to share with others. So click on the links and let the adventures begin!

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