Hot Springs for Health – in Bodybuilding & Extreme Sports

Here at Hot Springs Aficionado, we believe that hot springs and hot water hydrotherapy should be an integral part of a balanced wellness regime.  For those who push their bodies to extreme limits, it’s even more important to include a solid recovery plan in your training regimen.  If you live near a spa or natural hot springs, you can include those – if you don’t, you can try adding a hot tub to your back yard.

In this segment, Anne-Renée interviews Dean Danis.  Dean is a bodybuilder and pro wrestler with many years of experience and injuries.  In this video, Dean talks about how putting a hot tub in his backyard improves his flexibility and recovery, no matter what season it is.  This video was filmed in Canada, in February 2015, with an outside temperature of about -35 (which is about the same in both Celsius and Fahrenheit!)

Join us at Hot Springs Aficionado as we explore the health and lifestyle benefits of hot springs soaks.

Spa Le Scandinave Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant

It was -25 degrees outside and I had just finished an amazing downhill ski day at Mont-Tremblant, my muscles were tense and my core still shivering from the windshield factor coming down the mountain. Instead of driving straight home to Ottawa, I decided to give myself a treat and stop at Spa Le Scandinave Mont-Tremblant.

20150211_171501I was pleasantly greeted and offered a 20% discount since I had a season pass at Mont-Tremblant. Since this was a spur of the moment activity I didn’t have bathing suits but they had a great selection of swimwear and had all the necessities such as bath robes and flip-flops available on site. I was starving and the free basket of locally grown apples at the corner of each entrance was a delightful snack for me, I later had a delicious chai tea and vegetarian wrap in the lobby overlooking the river near the fire place.


20150211_163630My first feeling hopping in the hot tub was that I felt cocooned and wrapped by the trees and snow banks surrounding the baths just like being in a warm blanket of warm goodness. The aroma of the burning wood caressing my nostrils helped to deepen my breathing and letting go of the day’s high tension activity. I was in a winter wonderland and appreciated the heated pathways as I was walking around barefoot with ease from one hot tub to the other. As the sun was slowing setting, I made my way down the Diable River where an accessible underwater dock was at our disposable for a cold dip. The view was breathtaking and just being in that present moment was a delight to all my senses.

20150211_175229I tried all of the different stations, saunas and hot tubs and found the place very clean, quiet and beautifully decorated in Nautica apparel. I also got the chance to nap outside in extra-large cozy blanket in front of a massive Scandinavian looking fireplace overlooking the river, the fresh air and waterfall sound cuddled me to sleep and it was pure bliss! The tubs are suitable for up to 8 to 10 people therefore it is best to come on a week day as it can get easily overcrowded on the weekends. There is also a snowshoe and cross-country path that comes through the spa and under the trees easily accessible for a pre spa workout or nature walk.



Feeling Energized at Spa Le Scandinave Mont Tremblant

Feeling Energized at Spa Le Scandinave Mont Tremblant

Walking back to my car in the covered snow trees pathway I felt relaxed yet re-energized for 2 hour drive back home. I highly recommend Spa Le Scandinave as it is a great muscle relaxation after a day of winter sport activity as it is for the mind body and soul.


To find out more about Spa Le Scandinave at Mont Tremblant and its sister spas at Whistler, Blue Mountain and Vieux Montréal, click here!