Google’s Hot Springs Themed Offices in Budapest

Gellert Baths, Budapest

Gellért Baths

The best news story about hot springs this week was the opening of Google’s new offices in Budapest, Hungary.  Budapest has long been known for its thermal baths and is often called the “City of Spas”.  There are 118 springs in the city.  Budapest is one of the few cities that continues the Roman practice of public baths, with 15 large public spas in the city. 

Google’s new offices in Budapest have been designed to celebrate this culture, with boardrooms designed to make you feel like you are soaking while you are in meetings and wooden seating in a sauna theme.  This design is sure to stimulate the creativity in the office!  For more pictures of this fabulous work environment, click on the photo below:

Google's Hot Springs Offices in Budapest

Google’s Hot Springs Themed Meeting Room

Shout out to Graphasel Design studios and Google for being Hot Springs Aficionados – making soaking culture a part of our modern lifestyle.